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Covid OSHA Update

I am sure you all are pretty well fed up with Covid

and how it is impacting you and your business. The

bad part about all this is, YOU are responsible for

making sure you are compliant with the rules and

regulations to avoid fines, citations and penalties.

The good part about this is, I can help to make this

all a little easier. I have attached the latest information

concerning Covid 19 and what is exected of YOU and

your business. The good thing about this all is, I have found that OSHA is pretty much not going after the small

businesses. What do I mean by that? Well, it would take them 'way too long' to hit every business to make sure

they are in compliance with the OSHA regulations concerning Covid 19 and the protection of your employees.

OSHA HAS hit businesses which have a 'high profile' such a food processing plants, meat distributors, etc. I will say

the citations I have seen have been limited to these areas although there have been a few for Family Services Health Care Facilities which were very negligent in their Covid policies. So, although you might not have everything in place

which is required, you still most likely won't get 'hit' by OSHA. Now remember.....if you are being negligent and your employees are raising a fuss about Covid protection, they can still turn you in anonymously and you will be approached

by OSHA with the intent of finding out if you are compliant or not as well as negligent or not.

If you need any further help, just contact us and we will respond. I WILL HELP! You can reach me at: or Tel. 909-481-7222

Directly below is the download link for the current COVID 19 & OSHA information.

Covid 110920
Download PDF • 177KB


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