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Covid Vaccinations & Your Business

If you haven't considered vaccinations at your place of employment, you better start right now.

Some issues for you to consider:

  1. 42% of people stated they woudn't get a free government approvded vaccination

  2. Are any of the businesses you do business with requiring your crew/staff to receive the vaccination to continue to work with them?

  3. If I require vaccinations of everyone, what are the implications?

  4. If I make the vaccinations volutary, is that the easier route?

New York state Bar Association is recommending the state consider making vaccinations mandatory for all residents. Australia's Prime Minister suggested the vaccine would be mandatory in his country, but later walked those comments back. Virginia, likewise, stated the health commissioner planned on making the vaccine mandatory, but a spokeswoman for the governor stated there were no plans to do so. This goes on and on.

Bottome line, Can the Federal Government require Americans to get the shot? Short answer, a key member of the Wihte House Coronavirus task force assured it won't happen. The exceptions being Health Workers and similar fields such as Universities and schools might have the requirement for the vaccine, but not the general public. The Feds don't want to be mandating the general population. It would be unenforceable and not appropriate.

Where the requirement migh come into play is with orders from States, Cities or Businesses....but even then it wouldn't be forced vaccination. The could institute a fine, tax or penalty for not following any mandate issued, but they aren't talking about coming to your house, holding you down and vaccinating you.

Another point where they might get you is to require vaccinations before issuing a passport as an example. This would be in line with what the Government could do.

States are the main culprit in mandating vaccinations and they have done so in the past, such as with smallpox. Cities in New York were required to get measles vaccinations in 2019 for four different zip codes or suffer a $1000 fine. Understanding this, any vaccine mandate must be REASONABLE, PROPOTIONAL AND NON DISCRIMINATORY.

Can an employer fire you if you refuse to get immunized? Well, yes they can. The General Duty Clause of OSHA requires a safe working environment free from work hazards. If your company has a policy in place that requires vaccinations, you should comply......unless you have a medical or religious exemption. And...if you do have an exemption, you must utilize the proper alternatives for protecting against transmitting the virus.

This conversation could go on and on to cover all the aspects of vaccination requirements. What will your Business Policy be? What is the right choice for you? What does the contract language of your winning bids state?

If you need to review or discuss any of these points, you should contact your local HR department if you have one. If you don't us and WE WILL HELP!

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