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How To Help OSHA Work for YOU!

Making OSHA your ally!

Ok, we all seem to fear OSHA or Cal/OSHA here in California. WHY? Because it seems all they do is come out and find everything which is wrong about safety in your business.......and present you with nice big citations with fines you must pay or get into deep trouble. In essence, that seems true, but it isn't the whole picture. What really is true is that Cal/OSHA or OSHA isn't your enemy. They, just like you, want every employee to go home safely every night and return to a safe working environment so everyone can make money. They even have a division which will help you get your Safety issues in line, without fines and citations.......this is where we help! Yes, we have a rather comprehensive Safety Plan which doesn't break your bank, nor take you time away from making a profit.

Compliance & Safety First is an Authorized OSHA Trainer for General Industry and Construction Industry. So we team with OSHA, Cal/OSHA to help you and your business become compliant with Safety regulations while avoiding penalties, fines and citations. For the past couple of years, we have proudly participated in OSHA's Safe & Sound Week to help highlight Safety in all our industries.

Attached below, is the latest webinar concerning how to make OSHA your friend which was presented during the Safe & Sound week this year.

If you have ANY Safety needs or questions, just contact us. I WILL HELP!



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