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Why Value Added Services

Compliance and Safety First

YOUR BUSINESS spends about 40% of its time on administrative tasks which

                                       diminish your profits.      

YOUR BUSINESS is targeted by governing laws and regulatory commissions

                                       between now and 2017."

Real Issues                       ONE Real Solution

OSHA audit

95% of ALL Businesses will be audited by the Department of Labor by 2017 regardless of size.

In 2013, DOL audits resulted in more than $1.6 billion in fines from 72% of the companies audited. With a budget of close to $200 million for enforcement (and growing), DOL audits are clearly on the rise for firms as small as 2 employees.

Risk Solutions

Give us just 15 minutes to ask the questions you need to answer concerning your current status.

NO Time
You don't have time? 
Compliance and Safety First

You don't have time, so who does? Whether you have no time or knowledge, these issues MUST be handled. Compliance and Safety First can relieve that burden from you by providing the programs you need.

Cant afford it

Compliance and Safety First has designed their programs to work FOR you.  Once we have uncovered your most powerful needs, we can also offer insurance reviews and quotes on all lines to help lower ALL costs for ALL of your coverages.  Most of the time, your coverages are increased WHILE lowering those costs, saving on expenses.

Compliance and Safety First was started by William ( Bill ) Delaney two years ago.  His vision was to provide a common center where business owners could access resources concerning their insurance, safety, losses and compliance needs.  Mr. Delaney, as a business owner, recognized business owners were too busy running their businesses to effectively stay on top of all the legislation and compliance issues.  How nice would it be to put together a collective of service oriented businesses to provide a service that would help resolve those Legislative and Compliance issues.


The result of this concept is Compliance and Safety First. A program truly put together to help resolve the issues which plague the business owners of the U.S.  See how we invest in you!

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