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There are Three Parts to Why We are Different.  
I.  Get personalized help from a professional.  
Sometimes insuring your way includes getting customized, professional advice. Our insurance advisors are ready to work with you to build a long-term plan tailored to your personal goals and needs. They'll be with you over the years to help monitor your progress and make adjustments.
You deserve a better way to insure your needs. 

Here's how we put your interests first:
In person. Over the phone. Get the same level of expertise.
            Get guidance over the phone.
            We offer professional advice over the phone nationwide so you can receive one-on-one guidance at your convenience. Get
                personalized service and ask questions.
Work with an advisor in person.
Build a one-on-one relationship with an advisor who's ready to stay with you through the years.
Let's Talk
Let's Choose
Take Action
             Let's talk
Your advisor will start by getting to know you. Where you're at. Where you want to be, and how we may be able to help.
           Let's choose
Your advisor will present you with a range of options and explain each one so you can make the right decision for you.
          Let's take action
Once you're comfortable with your plan, your advisor will help put it into motion and help make adjustments over time.
Delaney Insurance office
Call us
Your advisor will take the time to listen to you and understand your goals. Together, you'll build a strategy that fits your personal goals, needs and time horizon—with no hidden agenda.
Your advisor is in it with you for the long haul. You'll work together to set realistic goals. Then your advisor will help you monitor your plan and make changes when you need.
We want you to feel comfortable asking questions and making decisions. It starts by getting to know you as a person and building a comfortable, one-on-one relationship from start to finish.
We want every bit of help, every word of advice and every cost to be absolutely clear. That's why we use straight talk and clear language. If you ever have a question, just ask your advisor.
Our relationship starts with our first conversation.

Why We are Different!

II.  Our Value Added Programs
Going beyond traditional agencies which offer only insurance programs, Delaney Insurance Agency, Inc. partners with our clients by offering Value Added Services such as:
III.  We Invest in YOU!
  • We will take a percentage of your insurance premiums and re-invest in Safety & Compliance programs to lower your Risks, control your losses and help prevent fines and penalties from OSHA.
  • Once all of your credits have been used, we will provide those same services at highly discounted rates to accomplish your goals.
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