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Legal Service


What is a legal service plan?


For a recurring monthly or annual fee, legal service plans offer a variety of legal services from a network of attorneys for a low flat monthly rate. Prices and coverage vary depending on the plan you select.


How do I reach your Legal Partner?


Our Legal Partner has been providing legal service plans to North American families for over 40 years. Our customers can access legal counsel and advice from qualified lawyers simply by calling a toll-free number. Many other benefits are included, but even at the most basic level our plans allow you to have peace of mind.


What is covered under a Legal Plan?


Access a variety of legal services including: advice on unlimited issues, attorney letters or calls made on your behalf, contract and document review (up to 15 pages each) and so much more. Review a plan contract for complete terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions.


What is your Legal Partner's service area?


LegalShield’s proprietary system of Provider Law Firms covers 49 states and 4 provinces in Canada. Plan coverage varies depending on the plan you select.


Does it cost more to add my spouse or dependents?


No. Your spouse is covered in your plan.


How can I pay for my membership?


We accept the following payment methods:


  • Monthly bank draft

  • Annual bank draft

  • Semi-annual direct

  • Annual direct

  • Monthly credit card

  • Semi-annual credit card

  • Annual credit card



Who is covered under my  Legal Plan membership?


The following are covered:


  • The member

  • The member’s spouse

  • Never-married dependent children of the member or member’s spouse who are under 26 and living at home

  • Children under age 18 for whom the member or member’s spouse is the legal guardian

  • Full-time never-married students under 26 years old if the student is a dependent of the member or member’s spouse

  • Any dependent child, regardless of age, who is incapable of sustaining employment because of mental or physical disability and who is chiefly dependent on the member or member’s spouse for support.

             (Note: Trial Defense, where available, provides benefits for the member and/or the member’s spouse only. Be sure to check the

              specific contract in your state.)


What law firm will provide my legal services?


LegalShield has arranged for you to have a special law firm available to handle your legal needs. This firm has been screened, is monitored daily, and is ready to handle your legal matters with the interest and concern you deserve.


What level of contact will I have with my lawyer if I am a Legal Plan member?


It depends on your legal matter/situation. When you contact your Provider Law Firm, explain your legal situation and they will have an attorney call you within 8 business hours. Once you speak directly with your attorney, he/she will be able to determine what legal assistance is needed for your specific situation.


How do I contact my Provider Law Firm?


  • Call the toll-free number on your membership card. (If you are out-of-state and need to call, use the direct number on your membership card.)

  • An intake specialist will ask you what type of legal matter you have, verify your address and phone numbers.

  • An attorney will return your call within 8 business hours.

  • Fill out the questionnaire and mail it to the Provider Firm. Keep a copy for yourself in case the Provider Firm has a question to discuss with you.

  • Complete any paperwork required by the provider attorney.


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