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Value Added Programs


In todays ever changing environment of increasing litigation, compliance laws and business issues challenging you as the business owner, it pays to partner with an agency that continually strives to offer value added programs to help take that load off of you so you can run your business.


Insurance Benefits and Compliance Solutions (IBCS) division of Delaney Insurance Agency, Inc. is committed to providing a wide range of services that enable your organization to identify risks, reduce exposure to loss, monitor claims issues and address compliance requirements so you can focus on what you do best, increasing profits.


IBCS delivers enterprise risk management solutions that are individually constructed to meet your needs regardless of company size, location, or industry. Our goal is to assist you in identifying current and potential risk and compliance issues while providing controls to reduce those risks. Our cost saving programs work even better when IBCS has care, custody and control of the insurance policies they are implented to help.


Risk Management Services

Delaney Insurance Inc. & Delaney& Associates can provide the Risk Management services you need. The practice of identifying and analyzing loss exposures and taking steps to minimize the financial impact of the risks they impose. Traditional risk management, sometimes called "insurance risk management," has focused on "pure risks" (i.e., possible loss by fortuitous or accidental means) but not business risks (i.e., those that may present the possibility of loss or gain)

Legal Resources and Support


Do you need a legal resources program dedicated to serving you and your business by providing outstanding legal coverages from quality law firms at an affordable price.  Plans avaiable to indivuals through Corporations.  



Human Resources Support


We all need Human Resource help in our growing businesses.  We are here to make a profit, not spend all our time trying to keep up with the current laws and policies which affect our work.  Let us help you while you grow.


Safety Training Programs


The V.P. of Risk Management for Delaney Insurance is Certified by OSHA for General Industry and as a Certified OSHA Outreach Trainer. This means we can train your employees or your management in all safety (OSHA mandated) programs while being able to provide the Fed OSHA 10 hour or 30 hour cards. In addition, we offer a "train the trainer" program that leads a supervisor/manager through the steps to be an effective trainer. All materials and manuals may be ordered through us.

Business Culture Building


Does your business need help to bring strategies, ideas, recommendations, and a dynamic safety achievement programs to the forefront of your staff and employees?  We help companies and organizations that want to strengthen their culture, have fewer injuries, and reduce their workers' comp cost.


Claims Oversight & Monitoring

Delaney Insurance Inc. & Delaney & Associates provide Cost Containment, Claims Oversight and Risk Management services to Employers, Brokers, Insurers, TPAs and Municipalities in USA .  We have proven results that Reserves are reduced and monitored for correctness. Claims are moved towards closure more rapidly. Employers are protected from adjuster turnover by having a stable force in knowledge of their claims. Proactive claim reviews are scheduled with the carrier instead the usual non-effective claim reviews. It is imperative for all businesses to have services in place prior to unit statistical filing date.



A Team of dedicated professionals is here to guide you through compliance issues with ERISA and FMLA.  We are proud to provide third-party administrative services that are second to none. Comprehensive, competitive, and dependable, our nationally known products have grown to dominate the industry over the past 35 years.



Paper Shredding, Document Control



Delaney Insurance, Inc. and Delaney & Associates has aligned itself with one of the first paper shredding companies in the world, and today we've grown to be a global leader, providing secure document destruction service to over 300,000 customers in 140 markets, in 18 different countries



Online E Training


Online E Training is offered as a valuable training format which is easy to access and can help set a procedure which supports your company goals and safety guidelines. 












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