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Cannabis/Hemp Insurance Here and Now!

Medical Marijuana is here and now! In California not only can you purchase medicinal marijuana legally, but California Insurance now covers the Growers, Manufacturers/Processors and Retail Locations.

Los Angeles allows the selling of medical marijuana to those who have a medical reason card for use. How would you know if you can legally purchase marijuana? Since 2003, the state issues an id card which provides permission for legal users. Additionally, a doctor can provide a letter which recommends marijuana use. Both of the methods can provide you the ability to purchase marijuana from a retail operation.

What?! I can purchase marijuana from a retail operation?! They have those?! Indeed you can. In fact, you can go online to find the closest retail operation in your area. You can also ask your local physician who supports the medical dispensaries. The odds are, if they are prescribing it, they will know where the local dispensaries are located.

Not only can insurance now protect the retail operation, but it can protect the growers, manufacturers or processors, transporters and landlords. What are the differences? It is really quite simple. Just think of it all like a regular farming business. You plant and grow it. You harvest and process it. Then you sell it in the store in various forms. Although this is a rather simplistic breakdown, it is the essence of how the Insurance of Medical Marijuana is discussed.

You can now obtain Insurance Coverage for Medicinal Marijuana under these categories: General Liability, Product Liability, Excess Liability, Property, Crop, Equipment Breakdown, Stock Throughput and Workers Compensation for your business. What are some of the approved and accepted classifications under this new program? How about coverage for:




Garden Stores


Landlord/Building Owners



Property Managers

Tobacco Retail Stores



Yes, indeed! Times are changing and so are the laws. If you are encountering problems and issues with insurance for your Retail/Manufacturing/Processing Medicinal Marijuana business, just give Delaney Insurance a call at 909-481-7222. You can ask for our Specialist: Cheryl Thomas.

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