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Work Comp exclusion definitions are changing again!

Carriers have been put on notice concerning the passing of SB189, which addresses Workers Compensation definition of employees and the resultant exclusion for coverage. Without going into all the confusion prior legislation has caused, the new verbage boils down to this...When someone is attempting to be excluded from coverage......"Each sample includes a note that the waiver – and this is a critical point – must be signed by the person requesting to be excluded from workers’ comp coverage – “company representatives may not sign on behalf of the individual,” the Department notes. Yes, that makes it a little bit more work on all parties, but excluding someone can still be done......IF you mee

Compliance Bulletin

Here is our latest issue of our safety and compliance publication, Compliance Bulletin. We will be reveiwing information which is important for you as a CA employer. Let us know of any interests you may have for which you might need help in clarifying. We will post the responses to help YOUR situation or need. Click on the picture above for the full publication. Call us at 909- 481-7223 or email us at

Think You Are Work Comp Safe?

So you have Work Comp for your employees and you really care about them, their safety and all being just fine. Then there is an 'incident'. How or why it happens and whether it is justified or a flagrant violation of your safety training ( IF you have safety training and have logged the topic, date and have the sigs of each employee attending....) are now 'on the hook.' Read the following article to understand exactly what I mean.....Carpenter Argues. Once the accident gauntlet is thrown in your face....all bets, buddies and goodwill feelings are off. In most states, Work Comp is employee-centric and it almost takes as Act of God to sniff out fraud of any matter how flag

Another Contractor Arrested W/O Work Comp

In New York a contractor was arrested Tuesday and charged with a felony for failing to provide proper coverage to his employees during a project in Cayuga County, the New York state inspector general said. The contractor refused to carry Work Comp for his employees, placing them at risk and giving the contractor unfair advantage over his competitors in pricing bids. Again, CA needs to be so much more aggressive towards the same. Ultimately, by coming down hard on the businesses which are following the rules, it would help drive down the costs of insurance as more people would share the costs of risk ....not to mention, providing the proper care for injured workers.

Legal Marijuana Card Holders Can't Buy Guns....Court Ruling

Right or wrong....the 9th District Court has just upheld a ruling that Legal Marijuana Card Holders cannot buy a gun. You think this is a prank? Look at the full article HERE. As Michal Addady reported in Fortune Magazine ...."The court ruled 3-0 on Wednesday that a ban preventing medical marijuana card holders from purchasing firearms is not in violation of the Second Amendment, the Associated Press reports. There are nine western states under the appeals court’s jurisdiction, including Nevada, where the case originated." Remember...each state has passed their own laws about making medical marijuana legal.....but the Federal Government still holds to their standards of marijuana bein illeg

Another Great Safety Article from Dr. Long

I really can't say enough about Dr. Long, his safety site SafetyRisk and his reality based approach to Safety. I am an avid follower of his studies and results. I wanted to include one of his latest articles to help raise awareness that all safety issues are not just talk.... Normally, I would paraphrase an article and provide a link to it....I wanted to provide the exact article for you as I believe this particular article is one YOU can reprint for your business to make a difference in your Safety thoughts and processes...... The New Enemy of Safety – The Unconscious November 13, 2017 by Dr Rob Long 7 Comments I read with interest the ‘Safer Communities: Six Lessons in Health and Safety’

Workplace Violence ....and You!

According to the Washington Post, last Wednesday night, a man “nonchalantly walked” into a Colorado Walmart with a handgun, and apparently at random, opened fire and killed three people in the store. This is the latest shooting, and part of a terrifying growing trend of violence in America’s workplaces. This event is yet another in 2017 to add to the death total of workplace shootings, which includes the Orlando nightclub mass shooting, one of the worst in American history. These events prove a stark reality for American business owners – the possibility of exceptionally violence acts like shootings and stabbings in the workplace and the increasing need to prepare for them. Here are a few st

Another One Bites the Dust!

You have to give the nod to the State of Texas.....once again, they caught another Workers Compensation scam which was costing tons of money to the system. A brother and sister were in on bilking millions of dollars from Workers Compensation by establishing a 'pain center' for the treatment of allegedly ailing workers. Of course, they couldn't do it alone...they had the help of a 'very scrupulous Mr. Hunt' who had previously been hurt and would 'refer' clients from the Post Office to the pain clinic.....while getting kickbacks of course. Well, they got caught filing false claims for non existent injuries, etc. the tune of $9.1M. They are all headed to trial in Texas. We could really

$310K Penalty in Work Comp case!

A Monterey County employer has agreed to pay $310,000 in penalties to settle workplace safety violations resulting in the death of an employee. That employee had only been on the job one month when tragedy struck. He was trying to 'unjam' a pallet which was stuck in a piece of heavy machinery which wraps pallets of strawberries in plastic. When the employee unjammed the stuck pallet, the machine prompted engaged and crushed him. Some of the issues raised by this unfortunate incident are: 1. You must implement and train employees on how to operate ALL machinery and tools 2. You must implement and train employees on a hazardous energy control program 3. You must implement and train employ

Incivility at your Business?

Sure, we all get pushed to the limit. Yes, we all put up with more than we should. No, the customer isn't always right. Having a bad day it seems. Well, all of this is relatively normal for any business owner who deals with the public. But the sad thing is, incivility has been growing over the last couple of years. Here is a simple used to be discipline would be utilized when someone would bully, some companies even respond to just the threat of bullying. Michigan State University research states incivility is impacting up to $14,000 of work time and production for each employee. Such incivility can result in further lost time in the form of lawsuits and or

Can We Get This in CA?

We are all familiar with the process and procedure of filing a claim. As a CA business, you are held responsible for reporting injuries within a certain amount of time depending upon the severity. What happens next is the Work Comp process of providing the necessary services to make that person whole again. We all get that....we understand how it is supposed to work and agree injured employees must be responsibly handled. What about those people who abuse the system and seem to want to 'make' the system work for them? Yes, you know what I mean. Those people who claim they were hurt at work when they were actually hurt away from the job. Those people who do so are trying to "make" the sy

Technology and vehicle Terrorist Attacks!

We have all become painstakingly aware how terrorists have been trained to use vehicles as weapons in their attacks upon society. It is not a question of if that was their intent, we actually have the manuals for which the training is provided. Believe it or not, these tactics and how WAR would be waged against us was addressed years ago during the Vietnam War by a pilot....who called it Generation 4 Warfare. The new war isn't about taking land, occupying territory and holding on to it. It is about trying to have our infrastructure fail. It is about attacking our financial system, our electronics system, upsetting our citywide infrastructure and making it so YOU don't want to go outside

Is Cannabis Insurance Legal?

Wow! Who would have believed we would even be discussing this topic? There is a huge and booming market for legal Cannabis not only in California, but also across the U.S. The states which have decriminalized the use and growing of cannabis have also seen the insurance market respond to the demands of what is now considered legitimate business. Among the businesses involved are the growers, distributors and retail outlets. Legally, there have been many issues raised about 'insuring' the business end of cannabis. How can it be legal to insure a business in which the Federal Government still considers illegal? What about facing the insurance challenge facing cannabis companies is securing

Contractor Hunting...

With the huge property damage to residential and commercial buildings, there is always an upsurge in the need for qualified contractors. Qualified being the key word. So many people are taken in by someone who has the tools and claims the experience but doesn't have the license. Why do you think that is? Why would someone not take the tests and pay the fees to be officially qualified to even represent they are a contractor.....and that doesn't even mean they will do a bang up job for you. Florida takes this scenario pretty seriously and even has a task force to openly pursue these unlicensed contractors. The local county Sheriff s office is in charge of it. Maybe California could take a

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