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Fall Protection from the Ground

2 minute fall prevention drill *

I would like to thank ISHN for providing this article. You can read the full article HERE.

This is a very interesting drill which can demonstrate how aspects of your senses work together to keep you upright and safe.

  1. Begin standing upright with weight evenly distributed to both feet. Shift weight to the right foot as much as possible. Left foot can maintain a point of contact with the ground or hover over the ground.

  2. Balancing on the right foot, close the eyes removing visual input. Feel the effect that removing visual input has on stability and balance. Aim to keep the eyes closed for 20 seconds.

  3. With eyes still closed, still balancing on the right foot, slowly turn the head side to side then up and down. Repeat this movement in varied sequences for 20 seconds, causing a disturbance to the vestibular fluid of the inner ear.

  4. Eyes remain closed, continue to balance on one foot. Hinge at the hip with back flat to lean slightly forward as if picking up an object from a low platform. Moving safely, vary the direction of your reach from side to side and overhead for 20 seconds.

  5. Open eyes, both feet return to the ground, recover. Repeat this process on the left leg.

Expand daily warm-ups with this drill, or introduce it in your next safety meeting. The step by step removal of key equilibrium components will help demonstrate the importance and sensitivity of these systems to employees. The practice of maintaining balance when tested will translate to improved physiological outcomes that reduce the risk of falls within your workforce.

* This exercise should be attempted by individuals who do not have known health risks that increase susceptibility to fall, injury or illness. The drill is intended to be completed in a safe location where the individual can easily brace themselves on a nearby stationary object if needed. The drill should be stopped at anytime in the case that the individual performing the drill or a supervisor feels these movements are placing the individual at risk of injury or illness.

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