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Uncovering a Potential HR Risk: Questions You Should Be Able to Answer.

If you need to look further into these questions and more, feel free to contact us anytime at 909-481-7222. If you would like to download a questionnaire for specific compliance, just click HERE

  1. Do I have a data protection policy? How can it be implemented?

  2. Do I have clearly defined employee classifications (i.e., full-time, part-time, temporary, etc.)?

  3. What impact will the ACA have on me and my employees?

  4. Do I have the necessary HR processes and documents in place to minimize our legal exposure and ensure compliance?

  5. Do I have an up-to-date, state-specific employee handbook?

  6. Am I receiving all the required and elective training needed to be compliant in the states where we operate?

  7. Is every employee working with an up-to-date job description?

  8. Do I have a process for managing the employee communication and administration of leaves of absence, including their return-to-work protocols?

  9. Do I know what types of personnel records my clients need to maintain in their files?

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