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Overtime Changes You Need to Know

There has been important changes in how you need to look at paying your employees, wage & hour laws and improper classification of employees. It is very important to understand the new changes so as to avoid any fines or penalties which might be assessed to you or your company through Wage & Hour lawsuits or Department of Labor actions.

Wage & Hour lawsuits are one of the fastest growing sector of lawsuits being filed and aggressively attacked by the DOL. You can read how improper classification of employees, wage and hour, and overtime lawsuits have impacted the year so far in Fortune's Article....and as you are aware, CA is much more liberal than any other states when it comes to employees.

Watch this DOL video which really simply explains how you need to make sure you are complying with the regulations for Salaried Employees:

Make sure you are following these guidelines. If you are unsure or need some help, contact your broker or agent to discuss.

You can also contact us anytime, we are always here to help. Delaney Insurance Agency, Inc. at 909-481-7222 or you can email our Compliance Department at

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