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Think Again About PRODUCT RECALL coverage.

Delaney Insurance Agency, Inc. through two of its leading Insuring Partners is now offering both Product Recall Insurance and Food Products Recall Insurance.

The first of the two programs is the RecallResponse Policy, a product-recall insurance policy that provides coverage for first-party recall expenses and third-party liability.

RecallResponse covers an insured's recall expenses related to the notification of the incident, product shipping, disposal of the product, rental of warehousing/storage space, the hiring of additional personnel and payment of overtime to current employees. Additionally, coverage can be endorsed to cover the cost of repair, replacement or refund of the product. Insureds may also choose third-party liability coverage, which covers certain third-party compensatory damages claims resulting from an insured product recall. It is available as a coverage part to a commercial general liability policy or as a stand-alone policy.

The policy covers product recall incidents in which the use or consumption of an insured's product has resulted in bodily injury or property damage or poses an actual and imminent danger of resulting in bodily injury or property damage. Coverage is triggered by the earlier of the initial oral or written publication of the product recall, or the insured's initial notice to the insurer. Either event must take place during the policy period.

The RecallResponse policy provides separate limits of liability for product recall expenses (up to $5 million) and third-party liability coverage (up to $10 million).

DO YOU USE FOOD PRODUCTS? We have you covered!

The FOOD program is designed to help food processors respond to problems associated with product recalls.

The FOOD program is designed to help food processors respond to problems associated with product recalls.

The program product recall expense coverage provides up to $1 million for expenses caused by the removal of products that could cause bodily injury or property damage, as well any communication costs to make Internet announcements.

The program was created specifically for food processors— companies involved in processing and packaging of products ranging from butter, ice cream and cheese to candy, coffee and cereal. It offers comprehensive coverage for situations including consequential loss/spoilage overage and business loss of income. The product also contains coverage for commercial property, general liability, commercial auto and workers' compensation.

Feel free to contact Delaney Insurance Agency, Inc. for any of your Insurance, Safety, Compliance, and Health needs. We are always here to help you. Our contact number is 909-481-7222

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