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Heat Protection is Vital and the Law

Improving Safety and Health

WHD’s Jesus Olivares emphasized three words to keep workers safe against the dangers of extreme heat: water, rest and shade.

Extreme heat can be deadly: The extreme heat Arizona is currently experiencing is not only dangerous but deadly, as it pushes the human body beyond its limits. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Wage and Hour Division in Phoenix engaged in an interview with a local Telemundo television station on June 21 to inform both employers and employees on the measures they must take to put safety and health first. “Many areas of Arizona and the Southwest are facing unprecedented temperatures with relentless daily highs above 113 degrees,” said Zachary Barnett, area director for OSHA in Phoenix and Las Vegas. “Under these extreme circumstances, preventative measures are critical. Employers must limit employee exposure to this excessive heat. Water, rest, and shade go a long way in making a difference between life and death.”

We are providing access to the OSHA website concerning Heat Safety. It is vitally important, and the law, to make sure you are following the guidelines.......Heat Safety.

If you have questions or concerns about Heat Safety, please contact Glenn Salter at Compliance & Safety First, a division of Delaney Insurance at or call directly to 909-481-7222.

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