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OSHA fines are real. Are you in compliance?

California OSHA issued $101,385 in penalties to SW Forage LLC of Hesperia following a February incident where a worker was caught and killed in a forage compactor. Cal/OSHA inspectors concluded that the company failed to properly label, stop and de-energize machine movements during cleaning and servicing, exposing the worker to fatal injuries. The company also failed to train workers on hazardous energy control procedures and did not provide guardrails on all open sides of elevated work locations.

For those who aren't sure, de-energizing machine movements means to remove the potential energy from the machine. An example, if you shut off your forklift with the forks in the raised position, there is a potential for those forks to 'fall' even though the unit is off. This is an example of potential energy converting to kenetic energy.....something that isn't moving, which can move.

Compliance and Safety First can help you with you compliance issues....even if you have no idea where to start. Give us a call and we will help. 909-481-7222 or email to

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