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$310K Penalty in Work Comp case!

A Monterey County employer has agreed to pay $310,000 in penalties to settle workplace safety violations resulting in the death of an employee.

That employee had only been on the job one month when tragedy struck. He was trying to 'unjam' a pallet which was stuck in a piece of heavy machinery which wraps pallets of strawberries in plastic.

When the employee unjammed the stuck pallet, the machine prompted engaged and crushed him.

Some of the issues raised by this unfortunate incident are:

1. You must implement and train employees on how to operate ALL machinery and tools

2. You must implement and train employees on a hazardous energy control program

3. You must implement and train employees concerning proper Lock Out/Tag Out processes

If these requirements had been taken seriously, there probably would have been a different ending to this story. Money being paid for a death helps, especially if a company isn't doing what is required by law for a safe work environment,......but money isn't anything close to having that person come home again that night.

See the full article HERE.

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