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Safe Trenching

Every year, around 50 people are killed in trench/shoring collapses and thousands more are injured.

As the owner of your business, it is YOUR responsibliity to make sure your crews are properly trained on the correct process, procedure, and implementation of the safety rules for your employees.

If you do not have any training records showing that you have done so, you could be in big trouble.

The best way to provide the proof you need and to protect you as well as the company, is to provide the proper training and document ALL who attended on a roster sheet with the topic heading listed. IT would be beneficial to also have the date and time on the record. Then, you are responsbile to keep those training records on file as OSHA WILL ask for your training records if you are audited for any reason.

Below, I have included a video to help you out if you are involved with trenching/shoring. This is just one of the great resources Compliance and Safety First have for you.

If you need ANY safety or compliance help, just contact me at: or 909-481-7223........I WILL HELP!

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