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Active Shooter Contradictions - Understanding the Truth

All of us are affected by the Active Shooting incidents we see as presented by the media. We hurt for the families, despise the shooters and are angered by the apparent senselessness of it all.

So, in dealing with something so despicable, don't we owe it to ourselves to really understand the incidents and the facts around them? Do you really want to rely on the Media 'feeding' you their take instead of just presenting the facts? One must remember, as soon as ANYONE is 'telling' you the story, that story has been altered. How?

1. They are relating the information through 'their' information which is typically 2nd party or worse.

2. They are placing some type of 'spin' on the story to meet their 'unspoken' agenda.

3. They weren't at the actual incident and don't have first hand knowledge.

4. Even the people at the incident don't recount the same information...which is good as we need as

much diversity of input to possibly generate an acurate recreation of what happened.

With that being said, Compliance & Safety First wanted to present an article which might help you understand the roots of Active Shooter information. I really hope this helps to bring a more informed understanding of the facts and not the fear they are selling.

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