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Be Careful of Fake Coronavirus Apps

Wouldn't you know it. There are people out there who really don't want to waste a good State of Emergency.

As the Insurance Business of America publication states today in an articl by Lyle Adriano, "Fake Covid-19 apps can load ransomeware, spyware on devices."

In summation, hackers are now resorting to using emails and apps on the Covid19 situation to take advantage of YOU.

They claim to be providing useful information on the Coronavirus pandemic. But what they are really doing is providing an app which can corrupt your smartphone or laptop or lock you up while asking for a ransom to unlock you. Others may carry malware to latch onto your device and probably damage your operations. You need to also be aware of possible phishing attempts with attachments.

So be smart when you are using your devices.

Here is the link to the original article: Be Careful

Remember, if you need any Safety or Compliance help in any way, just contact me... I WILL HELP!


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