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Safe and Sane Tips

In the Safety & Health publication of todays date, I thought it might be wise to share this input to all of us under the Covid 19 impact.

The article states maintaining a routine, helping others and self-care are great 'safe and sane' tips to practice during the Coronavirus pandemic. They offer 15 recommendations to 'counterbalance' the physical and psychological effects of the required social distancing.

Maintain a Routine

Focus on personal health, training, diet, physical activity, reassessing your work

Cook for yourself and others

Go for a walk or excercise at home

Don't binge eat from anxiety or depression, don't oversleep while keeping your same sleep hours

Help someone who IS feeling anxiety or depression

Make the best use of current technology or brush up on it

Take an online course, pursue certification, get additional training, etc.

Spring clean

Don't spend alot of time on social media

Limit leisure time screen watching, only listen one or two times to current updates

Reach out to others and help.

Reassess your contact lists

Engage in alternate activities like music, reading, yoga, dancing, etc.

Don't isolate yourself

Simple but useful items to consider in your daily process. Rest assured, YOU are spending too much time on social media and listening to too much news input....scale it back and invest in things which will enrich you.

If you have any issues or concerns and just need someone to speak to about YOUR issues......feel free to contact us at 909-481-7223....We Will LIsten!

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